From Left to Right: 
Row 1: Sivagurunathan Raveena, Theenan Kavya , S. Vinodan, Haresh Menon, D. Hariharen
Row 2:  Fahira Farveen, Tharshini, Rishi Varman S/O Sekar, Anbudurai Manisha, Dharmalingam Jayasutha,  Rachanna Velayudham, S M Naheshwari, Gopalakrishnan Rajalakshmi, Kerrthegaa D/O Gopalan, Sutheshni D/O V Dhanara, Shalini Ramasamy, Roshini D/O Selvam, V Jolen Nivetha
Row 3: Kuppan S/O Chockalingam, Luke Sashitharan, Sadiq  Batcha Kamaldeen, Sairesh Pillai, Baradhan S/O Chandrasekaran,  Basheer Ahamed Hamid Maricar, Vishnu Varathan S/O Mohan, Senthil Araavind, Selvanathan Thayumanavan, Bhuvaneshwaran Vignesh, Ravi Arun Kumarr

Our Projects

Sports Spectra is an annual Sporting event organised by NUS TLS. This event has been conducted over the past 30 years since the inauguration of NUS TLS and has upheld its place as a NUS TLS key event. Moreover, it has been widely received with positive response amongst the Singapore Indian Youth; being a platform for networking as well as enriching team spirit amongst other crucial benefits. Open to all races, Sports Spectra also provides an opportunity for our friends from other cultures to learn more about our traditional games and sports.

The 40th Committee had included Captain’s Ball and Soccer as part of the programme plan. Participants also got to try their hand at well-liked traditional Indian games such as Pittugaram. There was also a carnival-like set up with various stalls where participants could play a variety of activities such as Goli, Kaaragattam, Carrom and Kolam-designing

Link to trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qm1Uhj5n9qc

Sports Spectra


On 30th March 2019, NUS TLS organised Kalam 2019, at Woodlands Library Auditorium. The objective of the programme was to ensure our Tamil language’s pertinence amongst the youth. We wanted to bring this idea via current media trends such as video memes and other arts mediums such as photography. Our event would not have been a success without our enthusiastic participants from tertiary institutions and universities. We would also like to thank Mr S. Manogaran for gracing us with his presence, our judges, and sponsors. Finally, we thank our audience for supporting our initiative in promoting Tamil language in a fun and unique manner! Stay tuned for such future events from NUS TLS!

The Saadhana 'A' Level Tuition project was introduced in 1984 to provide students with an affordable avenue of academic help, and now revamped into the Saadhana Mentorship programme, the society continues to do our best to guide students both academically and holistically to help them prepare for their various paths of education.

The Saadhana Mentorship Programme 2019 was in collaboration with SINDA. This programme comprised of four sessions that was conducted over the span of three months and was specially tailored for Indian youths aged between 13-15 years old. The objective of this programme was to motivate youths and encourage them to pursue a university education. Mentors wanted to work with this age group as participants in this age-gap are more impressionable. Hence, it is crucial to instill good values in them and get them motivated by setting goals at an early age.


Project Kathir

Spearheaded by the 2nd batch of community service project directors, NUSTLS's brand new initiative Project Kathir was concluded on May 18, 2019. With 3 holistically designed sessions, CSPD assisted the residents of HEB-Ashram in preparing for the working world. The project covered a range of skills, from resume-writing and interview tips, to building self-confidence and goal. The project ended with a fun-filled day in the park, where the residents and students connected over engaging games and a picnic session. NUS TLS carried this out with hopes that this newfound bond between the older residents and the youth of the community will lay the foundation for future collaborations with the ashram!

Other Initiatives

Project Orion was an initiative solely aimed at bringing students from NUS, NTU AND SMU together to bond over our shared Indian heritage, and it can be safely said that everyone had a light-hearted day of fun and interaction during our amazing race. Apart from community service and heritage, we could potentially explore different platforms to conduct tri-uni initiatives in the future.

Project Orion

Sangae Muzhangu

Sangae Muzhangu 2019 is the National University of Singapore Tamil Language Society’s (NUS TLS) flagship project spearheaded by the 40th Executive Committee. This biennial Tamil theatre production will be celebrating its 21st anniversary since its inception in 1987. Sangae Muzhangu has a rich history that has been bequeathed by the NUS Alumni who were part of Sangae Muzhangu in the past. Critically acclaimed for creating great awareness of the contemporary pertinent socio political issues in Singapore, Sangae Muzhangu focuses on how the Tamil community is affected by such issues in the form of Theatrical Art.

Link to trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4JZJ_OQAuRM