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Sangae Muzhangu is a biennial Tamil theatre production by NUS TLS that has taken place since 1987. Since its establishment, Sangae Muzhangu has served as an excellent platform for NUS Indian students to showcase their artistic talents while promoting the Tamil language and culture in the process. Furthermore, we are proud to say that we have consistently been attaining full houses for our production and also receiving media coverage for it. In fact, Sangae Muzhangu 2015 marked 2 significant milestones for us as we reached out to almost 3000 audience members over 2 show days and included English surtitles in the show to include the non-Tamil community.

Sangae Muzhangu 2019 was staged on 2nd and 3rd August 2019 at the University Cultural Centre. Being known for its grand scene setting and massive props, Sangae Muzhangu was held for the 21st time since its inception in 1987. With an audience pool of 3000, and a production crew of over 170 students, Sangae Muzhangu continues to be a platform that unites students with a passion for the Tamil Language and Indian Culture, while bringing them together to showcase their talents and calibre.

Having grown extensively as a production and gaining recognition in our society, it is eminent for us to leverage on our platform to reach out to more people and helping them within our capacity. We aspire for this team to continue being a part of all subsequent editions of the production, always inculcating an element of giving back to the community through Sangae Muzhangu.

Show Details
Venue | University Cultural Centre, NUS
Showtime | Aug 2nd 2019, 7.30pm | Aug 3rd 2019, 7.00pm


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