From Left to Right: 
Row 1:  Arjun Vijaya Ratnam, Pandiyan Vinith Kumar, Muthiah Arunaachalam, Arvin Kumar S/O Balamurugan, Heshvin Mathva, Elangovan Indu, R Priya, Siti Nuraini Binte Abdul Haleem, Syed Hakkim Nisha D/O Sikkandar, R R Vigneshkumar, Fazrina Salauddin 
Row 2: Rameshgandhi Venkat, Sarika Nishaini D/O Manimaran, Srinidhi Manikantan, K Sangeetha, Shalini Ramasamy, P. Rubinishree, A. Subethira D/O V Ahrumugam, Anutra Guru, Shanmathi Surulimuthu, Halida Thanveer Bte Asana Marican, Jason Lorenzo Velaisamy, N Lavanya
Absent: Kalaivani D/O Subramaniam

Our Projects

Sports Spectra is an annual Sports event organised by NUS TLS. This event has been conducted over the past 30 years and has built rapport amongst the Singapore Indian youth. New sports such as Kin-ball and Captain’s Rug were introduced, and soccer was brought back. Kabaddi (our traditional Indian games) was also included in the event but was played non-competitively. They also included a Kalari Payat (Indian martial art) showcase (by the Kalari Academy) to educate our youth about this traditional but important element of tamil culture. Sports Spectra 2018 had a carnival with booths selling snacks, drinks as well as mini games. Youths from other races were called so as to foster racial harmony between the participants as well as extend the objective of inculcating healthy lifestyle to them.

Link to trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tqqzVEvbEqc

Sports Spectra


Yutham is a Tamil vocabulary competition, held in conjunction with the Tamil Language Festival, which aims to encourage students to improve and expand their vocabulary in a fun and engaging manner. Yutham was initiated in 2016 and was targeted at pre-university students from junior colleges and polytechnics. It also aimed to introduce the Tamil translations of English words and phrases commonly used in the singaporean context to students. Following its success in the previous year, Yutham was organised for the second time and incorporated several new aspects. One of the highlights of Yutham 2017 was that the competition was expanded to include a category for secondary school students. In addition, the event had an additional intended outcome of developing the conversational Tamil skills of students

Saadhana ‘A’ Level Tuition Project, organised by NUS TLS is a non-profitable, student-run project that has been running for 33 years since its inception in 1984. Saadhana aims to provide quality and affordable tuition to support Indian students in the Junior Colleges or Pre-University Institutions and help them achieve their goal of entering university by supporting them in their academic endeavour to help them cross the ‘A’ level milestone.

On top of the usual initiatives, Saadhana Portal acted as a platform to bridge the gap between the administrators, teachers as well as the students. It allowed students to access educational resources and have active discussion with their tutors even after classes.

saadhana 'A' level tuition project

Other Initiatives

Project Strive is a new initiative to help the low-income families in Zhenghua community. This is a combined effort of National University of Singapore Tamil Language Society, National University of Singapore Indian Cultural Society, Nanyang Technological University Tamil Literary Society and Singapore Management University Tamizha. Through Project Strive, we aimed to unite the expertise of the different societies regarding community involvement, instill the spirit of service amongst Indian youths and enable them to grow into servant leaders.

Project strive

Sangae Muzhangu 

In this committee, Sangae Muzhangu 2017 was staged for the 20th time. It was definitely a milestone not only for the production crew but also for many Executive Committees and Production Crews that have worked on Sangae Muzhangu before. Following 2015, Sangae Muzhangu 2017 was staged for 2 days and it also featured English surtitles in an effort to appeal to a wider section of the Singapore Community.

To celebrate its 20th Anniversary, the production crew decided to give back to the community. Without the help of the community, Sangae Muzhangu would not have reached such milestones.

Link to trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S1LVtIrwZ7k