From Left to Right: 
Row 1: A K R Thawfiqa Banu, Shanaz Farvin Binte Shariff Tajudeen, Monicka Alexander, Muthukumarasamy Sindhuja, Deepika, Halida Thanveer Bte Asana Marican, Kausalya Vijayan Kumaran, Kerrthegaa D/O Gopalan, A R Julia Nazarene Ranee, Sutheshini D/O V Dhanaraj, Ashwinii Selvaraj
Row 2:  Vikash Jeyathevan, Rahul Rajesh, Jason Lorenzo Velaisamy, R Saravanan, Rameshgandhi Venkat, Sairesh Pillai, Valavan Rajarajan, Vishnu Varathan S/O Mohan, Kuppan S/O Chockalingam
Absent: R.R. Vigneshkumar, P Rubinishree, Shreyas Kuthanoor Prakash, Mukeshwaran Baskaran, Charavanan

Our Projects

Sports Spectra is a non-profit annual Sports event organised by NUS TLS. This event aims to bring together Indian youths through sports and promote an active lifestyle. Sports Spectra 2018 was held on 24th February 2018 from 12pm to 6pm at NUS Outdoor Basketball Courts, University Sports Centre. This year marked Sports Spectra’s 25th Anniversary. Hence, the organising team included a brand new effort of opening it up to youths of other races as well. Furthermore, we introduced new sports such as Kin-ball and Captain’s Rug as well as brought back soccer which were played in a competitive manner. Kabaddi, a traditional Indian sport was also played non-competitively.

Sports Spectra 2018 also included a carnival with booths selling snacks and drinks as well as carnival games. The unique elements to the carnival this year was the inclusion of ‘Kalari Payat’ and ‘Uriyadi’ stations. In collaboration with Kalari Academy Singapore, Kalari Payat, one of the world’s oldest traditional South Indian martial art, was showcased during the event. The inclusion of traditional elements allowed our Indian youths along with participants from other races to develop appreciation for the Indian culture.

Link to trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lg6MUGtjSGc

Sports Spectra


After having organised Yutham, a Tamil literary competition for the past two years, NUS TLS came up with a new initiative Kalam. Kalam 2018 was an innovative Tamil Language competition, organised by NUS TLS to try something more theatrical to engage students in a creative and entertaining manner. Kalam 2018 aimed to improve Tamil usage and instill passion towards Tamil among pre-tertiary students. This event was held in conjunction with the Tamil Language Festival, that celebrates Tamil language, culture and heritage during the month of April. Kalam 2018 featured Junior College students, Polytechnic students and ITE students. Mr G Selvananthan, founder of Avant Theatre, graced our event as the guest of honour, with Mrs Vickneswari Vadivalagan and Mr Arunasalam Eranien as the judges for the competitions.
The 2 competition segments of Kalam 2018 gave students the opportunity to think and converse in tamil outside of the classroom environment, especially the Polytechnic and ITE students who have limited exposure to Tamil Language related activities.

Saadhana ‘A’ Level Tuition Project funded by Singapore Indian Development Association (SINDA) and Singapore Indian Education Trust (SIET), is mainly conducted for Indian tertiary students (Junior Colleges/Pre-U institutions) at affordable prices. Even though the programme is offered at a subsidised rate, our lessons are taught by experienced and qualified NIE trained teachers. In 2017, 86.7% of students improved their grades in the ‘A’ level examinations and 80% of JC1 students managed to either maintain or improve their results in their final examination.

Moreover, there were some changes introduced in Saadhana 2018 such as a change in the subsidy tiering system. The tuition project now provides subsidies to a wider range of students as compared to 2017. Apart from that, Saadhana also went through a complete revamp of the web portal from 2017 (www.projectsaadhana.com). The portal is a platform that aimed to bridge the gap between the administrations, teachers and students. The portal also provides students access to educational resources and has a forum page to let students have active discussions with their tutors. In addition, Saadhana 2018 was doing mentorship through the portal as well. Students can ask pertinent questions in relation to their university aspirations or clarify doubts with us through the portal. The team will then source for the answers through our network in the university.

saadhana 'A' level tuition project


The newly created Community Service Programme Directorate pioneered two projects namely Pongal Galatta and Varnam which received warm praises from many. This event was organised with the support of Fei Yue community services to work towards an inclusive community in which the less-fortunate are also able to celebrate special festivals. It has also helped our own TLS members to serve the Indian community through meaningful engagements which banks on culture and heritage. Varnam 2018 was held at Sree Narayana Mission for the residents there. TLS members and the residents came together for two sessions on 4th and 11th February to create painted artwork on tote bags. The students befriended the elderly and forged bonds with them. The activities were aimed to form interaction with the elderly and provide them with a creative experience. The designed tote bags were sold by TLS members to their friends and family. The funds raised through the sales was donated to Sree Narayana Mission

Other Initiatives

Project Strive is a new initiative to help the low-income families in Zhenghua community. This is a combined effort of National University of Singapore Tamil Language Society, National University of Singapore Indian Cultural Society, Nanyang Technological University Tamil Literary Society and Singapore Management University Tamizha. Through Project Strive, we aimed to unite the expertise of the different societies regarding community involvement, instill the spirit of service amongst Indian youths and enable them to grow into servant leaders.

Project strive

Singapore Tamil Youth Conference

Singapore Tamil Youth Conference (STYC) optimized the structure of round- table discussions by accentuating youth’s ability to identify problems and propose ideas with possible methodology on pertinent issues in Singapore Tamil Community. The conference will expose youth delegates with specific problem statements of the pillars- Education and Arts- and engage them in intriguing discussions. STYC 2018 served as the building block of STYC 2016 and hopes to continue to construct ways in capturing voices of the youth.

Link to the STYC song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d93uZinbnT4