Mr. K. Chanthirasekar s/o Kalimuthu, Mr. Karthikeyan Somasundram, Mr. Theepan Prakash Ravintheran, Ms. Mehraj Begum, Ms. Lavania Rogers, Ms. Samantha, Ms. Bavani Pillai, Mr. G. Jayavarman, Ms. Shamima Banu, Ms. Rathi Devi Asokan, Ms. Gangka Periasamy, Mr. Krishnakumar Tamilchelvan, Mr. V. Harikumar, Ms. N. Usha, Mr. Prashant Jayapragas, Ms. Hema Sri 

Our Projects

  • Internal Sports Spectra 2007 @ Vivo City/SentosA

  • External Sports Spectra 2007 @ NUS Sports & Recreation Centre

  • Sitharalgal 2007
    [for NUS undergraduates only]

  • “Towards Varsity” for ‘A’ level students (new project)

  • “Idhayangal” Charity project 2007

name given for 1st time, for handicapped Tamil/Indian children

  • Saadhanai ‘A’ Level Tuition Project 2007 @ YCK Secondary School

New initiatives: compilation of course-backs, e-tutoring platform, designing & distributing ZO postcards

  • NUS TLS Trust Fund (administered by SIET)

Notable: TLS contributed $20,000 to Fund, Number of guarantors reduced from 2 to 1, Loan will be paid to student directly instead of just off-setting against tuition fees.

Other Initiatives

Sangae Muzhangu

  • Hosting of Tertiary Students from India

  • NUS TLS Website revampeD


  • NUS OSA Student Achievement Award to:

- Mr. Chanthirasekar Kalimuthu (TLS President)
- Mr. Krishnakumar Thamilchelvan
- Mr. Kiran Chandran
- Mr. Jayaraj Dirilokaraj

[Producers: S. Karthikeyan, C. Dhinesh]